People - it’s time.

It’s time.
People of all races, sexes, backgrounds, political beliefs and so on- now is the time to make amends with being a feminist. Feminist meaning what it says in the dictionary: a person who is for equal rights between the sexes.

It matters because the silence is deafening in between all these attacks and outright slaughters of people, committed by people who seem terrified of women being independent, self sufficient people.

It matters because we are getting scared of showing our independence since it seems we can he killed for it without hesitation or warning.

I live in the most equal country in the world, gender wise, and although that is a comforting thought for me at night, the violence and injustice is still happening here and everywhere. We can’t afford to be picky because of some idiots, of both genders, who redefine feminism as anything that it’s not.

Please reconcile with being a feminist today, please spread it, please be proud to be an evolved and reasonable human being who doesn’t want hurt to come to others.

This silence is killing people from all walks of life all over the world.

You do matter, and to admit that you are of this opinion does not make you weak, controversial or difficult.

You all know people who are being hurt and have been hurt by other people who don’t understand that we are all humans who bleed red and all should have the same rights and responsibilities.

Please speak up for everyone, including yourself.

Be the good person.

Requests for Bad Girls Club season 12:

At least one panini press throwing duell, but WITH sauces this time.

Someone feeling some type of way about somebody else.

Somebody puking on someone else in anger.

Somebody successfully hiding shellfish in bitches stuff two whole episodes.

Fake drinking initiation game.

Somebody putting oil in somebody’s egg whites.

Continuous non-sentences exclusively.

Somebody correcting the others saying it’s wrau cause that’s wrau.

You can get the book + Bad Girls USB necklace on my site - click here

I want this fabric. Or as a phone case. @tychoma

You can get the book + Bad Girls USB necklace on my site - click here

I want this fabric. Or as a phone case. @tychoma

I’m awful at multitasking, though I always seem to do it,
as for puberty I thought I’d already been through it,
but some primal fear made me thaw and then revealed
there was some of me that I didn’t know I had sealed.

I’m changing, I’m frightened, and anger for me is new,
but I very quickly recognized that fear of you.
You’ve invaded my house, you’ve destroyed my body home,
so my intersection head added this whispering dome.

I don’t know how to rid you, or how to stop this,
when what is now caught in riptide is what used to be his.
I don’t know where I am or how to get out,
in unguarded moments echoes of you shout.

I am trying to get through but you won’t leave me be
in an ideal world you would want me free,
but your tarlike aura is there just the same
and though shameful I am taking a part of this blame.

But how do you do what you’ve done to all of us
and spend the rest of your life expecting our trust,
when I feel like you’ve taken part of me away,
I’m too late in the game to have a right to say:
“I need help”, understandebly there’s not much to find
When I’ve been too proud to be honest or maybe just blind

This feeling of sinking isn’t anything new,
but I’ve sunk through the floor phase since I found out about you.
I’m afraid for those around me and I hurt them a lot,
my biggest fear realized: I’m like you but I’m not.

I want to free them but I know if I do
all I’d have left in my life would be you.
I want to free them, to stop me bringing them pain,
but after that there is nothing left keeping me sain.

I want to set them all free, but I’m afraid if I do,
I’ll never escape what I am to go through.
I want to free them from me, cause I know if I do
escaping is easy when there is just you.

, The few things I knew well disintegrate,
so thank you, thank you, for almost teaching me hate.


i can’t save the world. my sun will die eventually. one convenient part of being creative and well-resourced in life though, is that you can make a point to never be bored. oh and you can seclude yourself from the voices of fools. if you love me… when i’m done, let me vibrate in peace.


Of course the author of this can’t have originally been involved with Entourage, so it’s actually… Funny?! http://entouragemovie.tumblr.com/


A-Z of Tina Fey
↳ L: Liz Lemon.

So I really admire Tina Fey.  

I already miss 30 Rock. 

Dan Harmon Sports Corner
Jeff: So Dan what do you think about the Steelers this season?
Dan: Jeff if I've said it again, I'll say it a thousand times. Yardage Yardage Yardage.
Jeff: Alright
Dan: You know you've got Clue Quintro on the tight end and he's doing great but he needs to be paired with Hodgkins.
Jeff: We talk about tight-ends vs this. What do you think the role of a tight-end really is in an offense?
Dan: Well first and foremost, and people won't agree with this, he's got to back up the line-backer. He's gotta be there for em. And he's got to keep icing his knee. And he's got to be there to receive. If the receiver fails then the tight end has to back up the linebacker when the quarterbacker throws those missiles as all I call em, especially with the Steelers you know you've got hodgkins on quarterbacker. Either your icing your knee or you're catching that ball.
Jeff: What's your opinion about the Steeler's secon....secondary...yeah.
Dan: I think it's a bunch of trumped up stuff. I think it's ruined the game for the fans.
Jeff: You think there should be no secondary?
Dan: Yeah I think it's a myth. Look we're familiar with the first quarter in football. Ummm we love the third quarter. But...ya know there's 4 quarters to a game. Why do you need to say secondary. It's uh...it's stupid. It's a foregone conclusion. Break it into two halves. Ya know?
Jeff: So who do you like between The Falcons and the 49ers?
Dan: Schmitty. Stomplee.
Jeff: The game was played today so what do you take away from the uh Falcons and the 49s.
Dan: Hate to sound like a broken record...yardage. You know? But you gotta keep that ball moving down the field.
Jeff: Who did you favor going into tonight's game?
Dan: at the top of the game I would have told you Scrinfrab.
Jeff: No I mean the team.
Dan: Oh. Under Scrifrab's leadership as a coach that they would have gone against the 49ers and have taken away the golden...
Jeff: You had the Falcons favored going in?
Dan: Falcons? What?
Jeff: Falcons and 9ers.
Dan: Definitely 9ers.
Jeff: You had them favored going into the game?
Dan: Yeah. yeah.
Jeff: So how do you feel about the outcome?
Dan: well I think the Steelers did poorly.
Jeff: They certainly did. They proved that games ago.

It’s a classic boys meet hovercraft, hovercraft explodes story. Click the gif to watch the full Workaholics episode “To Kill a Chupacabraj.”
New episodes return next month!



It’s a classic boys meet hovercraft, hovercraft explodes story. Click the gif to watch the full Workaholics episode “To Kill a Chupacabraj.”

New episodes return next month!